A friend of mine recently posted about a self-tanner made from cocoa powder and lotion.  I thought I would humiliate myself for the sake of all the poor girls out there that want to try this.  Don’t.  It doesn’t work.  And here’s how I know.

I placed Hershey’s cocoa powder in a bowl.

cocoa poder

Added lotion.


Mixed it up until….wow…that’s really disgusting.


Smeared on my leg.  At this point my child wanted to know why I had crap all over my leg.  He was really grossed out, and I wound up staining a chair.  Don’t do this folks.

nasty leg

Wash off and…no change!  Although my tub was really disgusting, and I ruined a white rag.  The tub did wash out, the rag did NOT.

really white legs

If showing the world my glowing white legs helps prevent them from ruining a white rag and worse, precious chocolate, than it’s been worth it.  Put those ingredients to better use by making brownies and giving yourself a good moisturize.