Arlis always wanted a red heifer.  I don’t really know why, he just did.  He bought Hope a few years ago because she carried red.  He named her Red Hope.  She was 6 months old, and would eventually grow horns.  She was mean.  She kicked poor Marcus when she was just a wee calf.

calf injury

She never got real friendly.  We do NOT condone dehorning, but with her, we banded her horns.  Her first calf was black and called Faith.  Last night, Arlis put the girls out on the drive so they can mow.  This morning, he went to put them back in the lower field.

I was schooling Marcus and as usual, doing all the chores I can do during independent work, etc.  I was bringing in the laundry when I heard a sheep…or was it a goat?  Nope, it was a little red heifer that Arlis was carrying.  (Below is a video of her baying)

She was dry and full of milk and energy already!  Hope was doing great, while Rose was already bucking and running around.


But so was her mother….Aw mooooommmm!!!  Not in front of everybody!  Can’t you use your hoof?!

Rose (with our herd sire Fargo-both Fargo and Rose are polled)


will allow us to have polled red Dexter calves now.  Arlis is so excited!

hope and rose