• 20oz bottle
  • rubbing alcohol
  • untreated water (or distilled)
  • tea tree oil

I used a coke bottle and rinsed it out real well.  Fill it a little less than half way (40%) with rubbing (isopropanol) alcohol, and the rest of the way with untreated water.  We have well water, but if you are unable to find untreated water, distilled will work fine.  Add about 5 drops of tea tree oil to the bottle and shake it up to mix it.

homemade toner

When you actually use the toner, invert the bottle and right it one time in order to mix it before use.  Do not shake.  The oil rises to the top, and you will not get a good mix if you do not invert it.  Shaking creates bubbles and its own set of problems.  Apply with a cotton ball after cleansing your face.