How many of you have seen tons of those “Whiten your teeth the way this mom did!”  And then they want you to sell your computer’s soul for the so-called simple info?  Well, here’s a simple mixture to use.  I use this periodically,  Sometimes when I’m in the mood, and sometimes when I think I need it.  Two ingredients, that’s it.

  • baking soda
  • hydrogen peroxide

See, just two, that’s it.  Put a spoonful of soda in a small bowl or ramekin (I use little ramekins).

baking soda

Pour a small bit of peroxide on the soda.  Mix it together, adding more peroxide as needed until the mixture is smooth, but not runny.  You know, like toothpaste.


Dip your brush in and brush your teeth.  DO NOT SWALLOW!!!

This mixture will dry up in a few days, so use it until it’s gone or dries up (you can add more peroxide if you want to be sure you use up every last little speck of soda…you know…like me).  Then wait a while, like over a week, and you can make it again.  This is NOT a twice a day, everyday toothpaste.  I use it every now and then or whenever it looks like my teeth need it.  If you have a tray, you can try it in that.


DISCLAIMER:  I am not a dentist.  Consult your dentist before using this or any whitening formula.