I’ve been sick.  Sorry.  It started with skipped heart beats about 2 months ago.  I was told to ignore them.  I saw the nurse practitioner instead of the doctor and she had me wear a Holter monitor.  They found ventricular ectopsies (I think that’s spelled right), and that I was anemic.  I started taking iron supplements and got chest pains, chest pressure, trouble breathing, and severe dizziness and confusion.  One agonizing ambulance trip later (they blew out two veins trying to run an IV, and more veins at the hospital later), I was told I’m not anemic and to stop taking the iron supplements, take a multivitamin instead.  I see the NP (I’m not going back to that doctor again.  He ignores my complaints and tries to kill me) who prescribes me a slow releasing iron pill.  Again, I had pushed myself too hard (you know those people that tell you if you don’t do something you’re lazy, and to push through the pain?  They do NOT need to be in my life!), forcing my heart to work too hard.  I was put on bed rest and told not to plan on going to school this semester.  Oh joy.

I suffered through days of agony.  I thought I was dying constantly, literally.  I was told to talk myself through the chest pressure and pain “This too shall pass”, and just suffered through it all.  At this time, I have been able to get up and do some chores.  I’m not pushing myself.  For example, I’m pretty confused right now, so this post is probably a plethora of grammatical errors and nonsensical sentence fragments, but I don’t really care.  When I start to get tired or even think I’m going to have chest pressure, I quit and lay down.  The diet is off, and exercise is out of the question!  So, I write this to tell you I don’t know when I will start posting again, and I apologize for the gap.  As soon as I can, I will again! 🙂