I love libraries.  Used to be I could’ve cared less.  I was the whole TV/video game kid who never read.  Since then, I have discovered a joy in reading.  When we first moved here, the first thing I did was go to the library and apply for a job I would never get, and browsed the local selection.  I quickly went through what was tolerable, perhaps even enjoyable at times, and learned to make use of my trips to Knoxville.

Then I found out that we could join the Crossville library.  We had thought that we had to pay a fee, and quite frankly, I was willing to pay it at this point just to have something.  Their selection is not what I was used to with Knoxville, but the building is a joy just to be in.

Large reading areas with poofy seats, carpeting all over, tables with outlets, lamps, and puzzles for passersby to bide their time make this a truly enjoyable place to go.  There are balconies with rocking chairs, lectures, classes, performances, crafts, and mostly it’s all free.  There’s even a café, but I haven’t had the pleasure to try it yet.

One day we went in, and I came across some amazing quilts.  Now, usually, quilts are praised for their large size, complex geometry, or color matching, etc.  Not these.  These are warm, pleasurable to look at.  It’s like someone made this, not just put it together.  I’ll show you what I mean:





difficult quilt

I was really impressed with their beauty.  I felt like I almost knew the maker, like I could see them in my mind.

If interested, the library’s website has more information on all the services it provides.  Enjoy your day and thanks for reading today’s post!