Most of you (should) know that I don’t cuss.  I don’t write bad language, and I don’t say bad language.  But I have noticed an absolutely inordinate amount of foul language of late, to the point of everywhere you go, there it is.  But why is it offensive?  What is really wrong with it?  Anything?

Well, technically, that’s a matter of opinion.  But here are the facts:

Cussing has been around forever, just the words have changed.  For example, “dad-burn it”  used to be quite the bad thing to say!  (See here for a nice Victorian potty mouth article.)  But now it’s not.

It used to be that some language was really only considered bad by the ‘upper class’, and you were obviously ‘lower class’ if you used it.  This is still the case, but “class” no longer refers to money.  It refers to behavior.  For example, Paris Hilton is loaded, but has as much class as….yeah…well, let’s face it.  You’d be hard pressed to find someone else as trashy as her, especially since she chose to be that way.  She was not forced to be that way out of desperation for food or money (aka, she didn’t get to the point that she started prostituting herself and then did drugs or stayed drunk in order to deal with it, hence why I did not compare her to a 50 cent crack whore, because they have more class than she.)  But I digress.


I have NO problem doing something that is considered “lower class” in the distinction of being poor.  I’m poor and proud of it.  I wear clothes so old, people stare, and often have mismatched gloves, etc because I can’t afford to buy a new pair.  Anyone who has a problem with that and thinks less of me for that is considered a snob.  At the same time, I am often considered a snob, for I choose not to use foul language and therefore be ‘classy’.

But I want you to take something else into consideration as well.  These ‘curse words’ are offensive, and therefore not (supposed to be) said in public.  So are the words “Ni66er”, “fa66ot”, “Kyk3”, body parts, and several others that are of the same persuasion.  However, if you say those words (these words change as well btw), you are obviously in need of being put in jail.  There are no differences between any of these words other than some hidden defining law of which I am unaware.

There are also religious implications and opinions, but I will leave you to research that area on your own.

So now you know more about the truth of cussing, but very little reason for why some words are acceptable, and others aren’t.  I can’t give you those reasons.  Seems pretty hypocritical to me.