As I sat today and thought of this post, I couldn’t come up with a good title or subject.  There were tons of options, but not one I really wanted to focus on.  So, I did what often I do when I can’t write, freewrite.

What is freewriting?  Freewriting is allowing yourself to write without expectation.  No one is reading it, potentially not even you.  There are no rules, word counts, or subjects.  Pure freedom of the fingers to pound out your brain.

Why freewrite?

Freewriting helps a writer get started writing when they’re having trouble.  It can also be used as an exercise for various writing muscles.  For me, it is not an exercise, it’s a release valve.  By writing whatever I want, I rid my mind of all the hindrances it can’t stop circulating inside of itself.  I make lists of things that need doing, rant about my internal frustrations, or even write about my inability to get started writing (much like today).  Once I have started writing, writing what I need to is much easier, and often desired.

So how do you do it?  Well, every writer is a bit different.  For some, they use writing boards with subjects and ideas to spring from.  Others set a time limit or a word count.  And some have their own rules and regulations unique to themselves such as summarizing past writing, journaling, blogging, even writing as though they were one of their characters.  Fortunately, I don’t need any of that.

I started this post with an even longer random amount of words about who knows what.  I deleted everything past the first paragraph, and I had my post!  The hardest part of just about anything is getting started.  What if, before you cleaned your house, you had this amazing way to get started with no rules or expectations?  Well, my house might actually get cleaned up every now and then!  It’s a wonderful way to do just that.  It releases tensions and anxieties.  It warms you up for the journey.  It’ll probably even make that homework assignment less apprehending Smile!