We recently sold two heifers, Faith and Bluebell, to a man near DeQuincy, LA.


Long story short, here is a quick review of our trip.  I’ll post individual blogs on destinations as there is just too much for one post.  See here for the post on Mississippi.

Arlis’s sister Lorene, and her brother Joel, did the driving in their truck.  I sat in the backseat with my family and surprisingly didn’t get car sick.  (Thank God for that!)  While their dog, Misty, rode in the back of the truck.  We rose at 4:30, and were able to leave at 5:30AM.


We went through the tip of Georgia and into Alabama.


We then crossed Mississippi.  (The sun was in my eyes.)


And although we never visited New Orleans…


We did cross through Baton Rouge.  Following Baton Rouge, Joel says, “My amp meter’s going down.”  Uh-oh!  We stopped at Lafayette, bought a meter, and discovered that the alternator was going out.  Both Advance Auto and Auto Zone could not tell us this information.  We found this odd as anybody here could.  We started to worry about the girls (cows) because of their time on the road.  Thankfully, the weather was cool enough to not make us worry too much.

The second parts store did offer to call us mechanic, and did.  While waiting, a drunk man offered us a screwdriver.  We thanked him and checked on the cows again.  It got dark.  We took turns holding the flashlight while also taking turns removing the bad alternator.  By the time we were able to start putting the new one on, a very small man, half Indian (as in Patel), half African American, showed up.  Our mechanic.  So, a few hours later, the alternator had been replaced, along with the never identified piece of something that got knocked off during the removal of the bad alternator.  We were finally back on our way.

By now it was a very black night, but I did snag this picture the next morning.  We drove along the coast, passing refineries and over an enormous amount of swampland.  The sign below is actually attached to pipes running through a refinery area, and at the exit we used to get to our destination.  Other areas didn’t decorate quite as nicely Winking smile.


We dropped off the girls, who were happy to be on solid ground again, and made our way back to a hotel in Lake Charles.

Well, that’s where I’ll stop for now.  I’ll post the rest in future posts including our stay in LA and our trip to Texas.  See you then!