Last week, I posted about our trip to Louisiana.  Today I’m going to elaborate on it, as promised.

We started out in TN, driving south through Georgia.  We spent about 30 minutes in GA.  We then made our way across both Alabama and Mississippi before hitting our final destination.

Here’s what we saw in Mississippi (I don’t really have any pictures for Alabama):


Here was the welcome center for Mississippi.


The Mississippi River.


There were many schooling opportunities on this trip.  This was one.  We just happened to be studying American rivers in geography.  Too cool!  Marcus really enjoyed that part, and the many more educational moments in other states.



And of course, Misty had to see the sights.


I don’t remember what war this was used for, but Arlis said it was in full working order.  Anyone have an extra bowling ball?  heehee.


We were running out of time, so I didn’t get a closer look to see whether this was a ridiculous building, or what used to be an old boat.  I’m gambling it’s a casino with a gimmick.



Well, that’s it for MS!  The next post is about the actual stay in Louisiana.  And don’t miss my final post on our side trip to Texas!