For those of you trying for a long time to lose weight, I have made a list of the main reasons II , or someone I knew, was unable to.  Please bear in mind that every body is different, and you may want to visit a doctor to rule out anything else.

1. You’re not being honest with yourself.  Now this may seem obvious, but a great deal of people, including myself, live in denial.  You have to actually count all the “little things” that “don’t count” because they do.  Keep a journal with measured food amounts and actual calorie counts.

2. Healthy food has calories too. Your plate may have zero junk food, but all that healthy stuff has calories too.  Sometimes, it even has more than the junk food! o_o!  Yes, that can be true.  You still have to limit your portions.  Sorry, I know it’s not fair.

3.  You have to exercise too.  Unless you really cut the calories, you have to exercise as well.  Exercising burns calories more than just while you’re exercising.  It also raises your metabolism for the rest of the day, or at least a good while afterwards.  When you exercise regularly, you want to exercise.  It feels good.  You also become more active and move about more, therefore burning more calories, albeit slight.  (But hey, every calorie counts, right?)

4.  Don’t exercise so hard. o_o! What?  Yes, it’s true.  I ran for months, finally reaching my goal of 30 minutes non stop running using this program.  But the same routine was getting harder and harder daily.  So, I switched it up.  I started doing step aerobics.  I started losing weight.  Although I already knew that switching it up periodically is definitely recommended as your body eventually gets used to one exercise and stops improving, I had no idea that a lower heart rate is actually conducive to weight lose.  This is called the “fat burning zone” and is often considered a myth now.  It worked for me, so I must be mythical.

For those of you out there who are also mythical, here’s how it works.  Running was simply too hard for my body.  I’d been saying it for years, but…  By doing a nice and fun aerobic activity, your body does better.  You want to be able to talk, but only a few words at a time.  If you can’t talk, you’re going too hard.  If you can talk without trouble, not hard enough.

5.  Don’t eat past a certain hour.  This is difficult for many people due to scheduling.  You want at least 2 hours between your last bite and the moment you slip into bed.  I often have three or four.

6.  You will be hungry.  You’re eating less food.  You’re burning more food.  A true myth about dieting is that you can do it without being hungry.  Bollocks!  Plain carbonated water helps.

I hope this helps at least one person out there.  If so, I’ll feel like I’ve done something beneficial!  Good luck with you’re dieting and remember, you are not alone!