I had a project that took me until the 31st to finish. I knew it was going to take that long, but it was still very difficult. Why? I had to give up my writing time to do it. I would spend all my free time doing it instead of writing. This was very difficult. I had finally gotten a routine going. A few hours here, a few hours there. I had a good schedule of almost predictability and regularity. Things were going really well.

Then, in the middle of the project, I had to have oral surgery. This was a good thing, although a set back. I was actually quite fearful, because the last time I went under, I completely lost my mind when I came to. It wasn’t pretty. So, prior to going in, I apologized profusely to everyone for what I was afraid I might do when I came home. Although the surgery had complications and unpleasant consequences, I didn’t go insane. In fact, I wound up losing a pound or two and discovering how my diet was affecting my anxiety.

It was so difficult not to write at first. I wanted to really badly, but couldn’t. I eventually forgot about it and learned to enjoy myself. And then, the inevitable happened. I became accustomed to the new routine. When the time came that I could write again, a few days ago, I just couldn’t get motivated. I took a day off to transition and relax. But that was the end of my excuses. I was just too lazy.

This year has been very difficult. I’ve had to deal with a lot of health issues, becoming bed ridden on about four occasions. But wait! This year isn’t over yet! That’s right boys and girls, I have the ability to add more to my adventures in health care. A few days ago, I had finished my arms workout and was getting ready for my step routine. I came into the living room to hand something over to my husband before putting on my shoes so I don’t kill my feet on my homemade wooden exercise step platform. Alas, exercise was not to be for me, for I quickly turned and stubbed my toe on the couch, hearing a loud crack. I knew it was broken, but waited just in case.

That night the pain kept me up a great deal and was radiating up my foot. I was fearful I had broken more than just my little toe. The bruising and swelling was getting worse. Now, Arlis can’t drive, my car is in Knoxville, and I’m stuck with the truck, a stick shift, with a broken right foot. I was correct when I said standing is harder than pushing a small pedal, but only just. I went to the hospital, got taped up, and had the vehemently unjoyous experience of riding in a Wal-mart shopping scooter. I was mortified! My family had no trouble finding me. All they had to do was listen for the crashing noises and backing up BEEP!!! Getting to the truck was difficult and painful. My dad and aunt took pity upon me and brought me crutches yesterday, all the way from Knoxville. They’ve been a Godsend!

So back to being lazy. Here I am, stuck in a warm bed on a cold day with snow on the ground and a broken foot. Sounds like writing Heaven to me. But I couldn’t write. It took me hours to finally psyche myself up enough to freewrite enough to get started. It wasn’t the writing that was the problem, it was the catching up. I had to figure out where to start, where I left off, who was doing what, and what was going through which characters’ heads. It was painful. But I finally did it. I’m taking a small break now, but I’ve written over 2000 words and hope to finish the chapter tomorrow.

It feels so good to be back in the writing saddle again!