This is really great for chemistry supplementation.  This webpage: contains a periodic table, as seen below.

Elemental Reactions

Clicking on any of the elements within the table will allow you to see a video on the element itself.  Some of the videos are extremely basic with a CGI view of what the element looks like and comprises in nature.  Other videos give a detailed lecture with reactions shown.  We watched Oxygen and Hg and were quite impressed.  I will note that many of the elements have more than one video.

As you can see here, when you hover over an element, it will display the videos in the pocket of the table.

really cool science videos

And as you can see here, clicking on said element will take you to the screen of videos where you can choose which one to look at.elements in their basic form This added a new level to our science curriculum today.  I hope you enjoy it as well!!