We have a cat.


His name is Boy.

He’s the one on the right.

What?  Did you think it was the one on the left?  Our child named him, at the age of 7.  He named him Boy because he IS a boy.  We had no idea it was a racial slur, and until someone asked, “Is he black?” we never thought anything about it.

I just finished watching a sitcom where the black neighbors come over and make several racial jokes.  Apparently blacks can’t swim?  Is this another racial stereotype I was unaware of?

I never heard of any of these racial things until I got older and heard it from blacks who don’t like to hear about it.  Interesting.

What’s really sad though is that I am fussed at for letting my child name our cat Boy.  I’m not changing his name, and you can just get over it.  Maybe, just maybe, you should be happy there are a bunch of white people running around that have heard less stereotypes of other races than the other races have.  In fact, I never get racist jokes and have to have them explained to me.  In other words, I never hear any racial comments in everyday life.  If I did, I would know what they mean.  (I hear the jokes from comedians on TV).  That means that the real world of white people isn’t as bad as you think.  At least my world isn’t.  And I live in a very poor and rural area, so put your stereotypical thoughts on that one.

I suppose it’s only natural though.  I bet I know far more racial slurs against white people than other races do.  And if I don’t…  What does that say?