I finally got my new PC running.  Although I’m pretty mad that Live Writer isn’t installing, so I’m having to use the default on WordPress.  It’s annoying.

So, by now you’re aware of the death of my PC.

dead computer

While it tanned naked in my living room, my laptop served as central command.  During this time, many activities went on hold.  Including school.  Once the files on the laptop ran out, I had to wait for the new one to get fixed before continuing school.  I’m transferring the files now.  School continues tomorrow.  He’s not happy.  I’m thrilled to get back to normal!!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

This morning, I was delivering baby banana trees, and UPS arrived, with my goods.


That is one sweet motherboard.  An MSI 970 Gaming.  Now, I didn’t get it for the gaming aspect.  I got it b/c it’ll last forever, has the specs I want, and will upgrade for years to come.


It even came with a nifty little sticker for the side of the tower.  (I used an old ATX we found out in the shed.)


It also came with a door hanger.  Of course, being a responsible adult, I’ll never use this.  But it’s still funny.


Everything came with a sticker.  Even the RAM.


This was the first time I bought RAM with a plastic sleeve over it.  Thinking it a protection, it’s actually a cooling mechanism.


I still had 512MB RAM on the front porch.  Coming from programming BASIC during the days of tape decks for floppy disks, this is all just really cool to me.


I also had never bought a video card with its own cooling fan either.  I still remember when graphics cards came out, then DirectX, then…  Anyway, this blasted computer has more fans than my house!


Now the chips haven’t changed much.  An AMD-FX 4300.  (regular, not black)

amd-fx 4300

I also used a cooler with copper tubing for the first time.  These things are crazy big.  I bought thermal paste and everything, only to have the CPU come with its own heatsink with thermal paste already on it.  It was simply generic, so I’m happy I bought a new one.  The new one also came with paste, but I’ll use it eventually, right?

installing heatsink

There is one concern.  It’s so big, it’s hitting my RAM.  So far, it hasn’t been a problem, but I still worry.

cooling space

Now here’s the really cool part.  When I booted up, here’s the bios screen.

msi 970 motherboard

Sweet isn’t it?  See the strip of icons near the top?  Those are the boot sequence.  Just drag and drop to assign what order to boot the drives in.  SWEET!!  You can also decide max CPU temp, fan temps, make different “users”/settings.  I’ve never been a fan of overclocking, but you can do that too.  I choose not to.  And one last cool thing, the “Board Explorer” on the bottom right has a pic of the motherboard.  You can hover over its parts and it tells you stuff about it all.  Waaaay cool!!

msi 970 gaming bios

So, I now have the ability to blog again.  Whew!  And I have a billion posts lined up.  Hope I’m not too lazy to post them!