On Friday’s, my child goes to a homeschool co-op.  It’s wonderful and great, but finding a table there can be difficult.  Today, I decided to scout out a different area.

This was my writing space:

old writing space

It was busy, and loud enough to turn into background noise.  Really loud background noise, but not a problem.  In fact, I got a LOT of work done on Friday’s.  The problem was finding a place to plug my laptop in.  At this point, I’m still using it for Anya and need it to work.  The outer tables, for unknown reasons, always fill up.  They’re never used until lunch, just full of people’s stuff until then.  So today, I found this:

dream writing space

This is used as a classroom after lunch.  So I have HOURS of quiet time to write.  I’m SO EXCITED right now!  Seriously.  So excited, in fact, I wrote this before starting.