It’s time for another trip through weird food alley.

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Ancient grains?  Too many puns, not enough time.

ancient crackers

What will they stoop to next?

lucky hats

I’m sure coffee lovers would appreciate this.  But yeck!

caramel coffee

Orange cream pudding?

orange yogurt

This may look like chocolate syrup, but it’s not what you think.  It’s in pancake syrup form.  Ew.  And in a honey jar.  I can see bad things happening in the pantry.  Someone sees the bear, thinks it’s honey…

chocolate syrup

Please!  Stop with the pumpkin flavors!

pumpkin pop tarts

Anyone who has ever touched an actual flax seed, they’ll see the irony in this.

crunchy flax

What is up with the ancient grains?  Do people believe they were resurrected or something?  They’ve always been here.

ancient cheerios


And that’s it for this installment of weird food with Debby.  See you next time!