I went to my first writer’s conference, the Southern Kentucky Book Fest and Writer’s Conference.  It was in Bowling Green, KY, so I had to stay in a hotel the night before.

I dressed all nice and stuff and took my first selfie-EVER!


I arrived quite early and spent my free time looking over the books available for signing by the attending authors.

They started with local books.


And then academic books.  (This one reminded me of my friend Shannon)



Then adult and YA.  I took pics of books I wanted to look later.  Here are a few.


It also included self-published titles.


And comic books, now called “graphic novels”.  Graphic novels are gaining in popularity and getting easier to publish traditionally.


There were even a few well known authors like Patrick Carman of The 39 Clues.  This book looked pretty cool to me.

IMG_20150417_083801 IMG_20150417_083813

And one of MY FAVORITE books of all time-Click, Clack, Moo  Cows That Type.  No seriously, favorite.  In fact, it was this book that inspired me to write my own picture book years ago.  It was horrible, but most first books are. 🙂


Few, if any, authors were there.  I went off to my classes.  Here is Allie Pleiter.  She writes inspirational romance and is a devote Christian.  We talked religion a little while later, and I really like her personally.  My favorite quote, “I don’t knit because I need the scarf.  I knit because it’s a socially acceptable form of fidgeting.”  Her class was awesome too.


I went to the restroom where there were the old fashioned areas for … resting.  (Yes, I know taking a pic in the bathroom is sick.)


When I finally had time to return, the authors were busy.  Too busy.   I had to snap this of the Click Clack Moo station before running off to the next class.


I had four classes over all.  This one was another good one.


Did I learn a lot?  Yes.  Was it because of the classes?  Not really.  I did learn some from the classes, but most of it was the experience of going, seeing a book signing, talking to other authors.  It left me with a fierce determination to keep writing.  I can’t wait to go to one as an actual author one day!