Remember when I did a post on using Sticky Notes to organize yourself?  Well, now there’s another way to use them.

Allie Pleiter has a book out, The Chunky Method


This method of time management and organization is not just a great way for writers to finish projects, but for many people to complete many tasks in their lives.  After spending weeks trying to find a spreadsheet or application that would help me to do as she described in her lecture, I finally fell back onto my old Sticky Notes scheme.  Here’s what I came up with (click on the image to enlarge it):

the chunky method with sticky notes

On the far right, I place any task that needs doing.  I color code it: white for office work, purple for writing work, and green for housework.  I only allow one of each color per day.  Period.  If something else gets done, great, but it’s not required.

Most planners have time schedules.  Do this at 8AM or this at 2PM.  If you’re like me, this isn’t practical.  I have no idea if I will have survived until 2PM, let alone be able to do said chore.  My method allows for everything to get scheduled without the pressure of time restraints.  It also requires you to space your tasks out so you don’t overwhelm yourself or feel too pressured.

I hope this helps.  And thank you Allie Pleiter for your Chunky Method 🙂