Today started at 12:01AM, when I had to drive down my drive in my robe to find my boy’s dog.  Whenever he goes away for the night, Gizmo runs off.

I then got up early and tried to fix and eat a breakfast before beginning my VERY busy day, including:

  • set up author webpage
  • set up publishing company
  • bake and decorate cake for tomorrow
  • get food ready for tomorrow
  • plan release date for Anya
  • schedule activities until then

So, while doing the above, I also had to add:

  • renew truck tags
  • look into tax info and business license info and sales tax info and a bunch of other stuff I didn’t think about
  • clean off desk and deal with unanswered mail/bills/etc


So, while cleaning off the desk and doing research and buying my author’s domain name, I started baking the cake.  No big deal really.  Until…

The handle to the whisk breaks, during my last few strokes of a completed batter, spilling dirty dishwater, glue bits, and dirt that had been up in there all into my cake batter.


I started over.  The cake is now done.  It’s a sheet cake for a Tardis design, but it’s too short.  So I may have to make another one to go on top.  I found the paper to renew the tags, and my dad and husband are on their way back to grab it and do my shopping for food tomorrow and renew the tags for me.

However, I still can’t get my new webpage up and running.  No matter what I try, it’s not working.

I can only hope this day gets better because I’m running out of hair to pull. 🙂