Do you want to offer your paperback for pre-order? Here’s how!

You must have:

  1. A personal way to store and ship your book. (more to come on shipping later)
  2. A Paypal and/or Stripe account. I recommend Stripe if you’re only choosing one, but I have both options. The reason for this is that Stripe allows your buyer to enter in their info and be done. Paypal requires them to go to the Paypal page and do it there. Their fees are the same 2.9% plus 30¢.  (See Celery’s fee schedule.)
  3. An account with Celery. Celery is a per-sale program. Otherwise, it is free.
  4. Your own website or book store. (Note-this is NOT through Amazon!!)

Here’s what you do:

  1. Set up all your accounts.
  2. Add a product.
  3. Set the product up on your own website or use one of their other options.
  4. Reload your webpage

Now, here’s the deal. Each order must be acknowledged, shipped, etc, by YOU. If you’re not up to that, don’t do this. I have no problem selling my books on my website. I’m not Stephanie Meyer. And let’s face it, if I get overwhelmed, I can always stop and just rely on Amazon or CS. And again, by that time, I’ll be selling enough to get an agent or something, right?

Let’s talk money.

I price my book competitively, $7.99. This means I get 25¢ per copy sold through Amazon from CS, and $1.87 per book from the CS estore. It also means I can’t use their expanded because I will lose money. Again, I’m not Stephanie Meyer, so this isn’t an issue for me. I also can’t afford to get another UPC at this point. But when I sell from my site alone, I get $2.31 per book. Yes, it’s a few minutes extra work, and a trip to the PO, but over $2 difference between me and Amazon is worth it to me.  (See fee schedule above.)

And again, I can always quit doing it that way. It’s as easy as taking the order form off the website. I can let Amazon handle it all.

One more thing to note, Celery is set up to strictly be a pre-order site. This means that you may want to use a different carting system once the launch date it here. I may do just that, if it means reducing the fees. Other cart systems that don’t have pre-order capabilities, don’t have the double fees. So it may be in my best interest to do just that.

Hope this helps, and good luck with your marketing!