My books came today!!!



But even without this huge excitement, my day was already busy. I took Marcus to the co-op for the day, went by the library to look over the publicity fliers, went grocery shopping for the upcoming Rosh Hashannah (so excited!!), and then ate sushi with a friend. It was during this time that I learned that Marcus hates sushi. Of course, that could have been the jalapenos … or the wasabi.  Hmmm…  Oddly, I didn’t realize it was wasabi, and since I had avocado on mine, I reached down to take a big bite of what I thought was guacamole. Thankfully my friend stopped me before I touched said bite to my mouth. That would have been just a bit on the disastrous side.

So then, I got home and boxed up and addressed the books that have to go out.


Don’t worry, they’re not for sale. These are books that go to reviewers, beta readers, and the Library of Congress. Yes, you have to mail a copy of your best edition to the Library of Congress if you want a Library of Congress Control Number. This helps them decide how to go about shelving it and marketing it to libraries. Today really felt like I was a writer and did something.

So excited!!