Like MagiQuest, ShadowQuest is a wand game at the Wolf Creel Lodge.

If you’ll remember, we recently took a short vacation, with the sole intention of playing our favorite family game, MagiQuest. But at the Lodge, they also have ShadowQuest and CompassQuest. While we did stay at the Concord, NC location, this one appears identical in story and nature. The only difference between locations is the actual placement of the items required to cast on in the game.

Like the book in MagiQuest, you are given a pamphlet to follow in ShadowQuest.


Notice that it tells you on which floor each location is. You’ll appreciate that. Unlike MagiQuest, you cannot choose which order to do the quests in. You do five quests, one adventure, then another five quests, and the last adventure.

The ShadowQuest items are clearly labeled.

In my opinion, it doesn’t take nearly as long as MagicQuest, so don’t sweat it.

It also has a portal like the other, but only one.

When you do the first adventure, and later the second one in order to finish the game, you will use this portal. Otherwise, you will use the same tree hubs. You will use the regular MagiQuest portals (the lady in the wall, the owl, etc) for the quests. They are not different.

Unlike the red dragon of MagiQuest, when you fight the final battle, you are not given any clues as to what to do or how or in what order or anything. At least not to my recollection. Instead, you have to guess. Below is a video of the final battle.

Good luck!

And finally, CompassQuest.