Finally, the last post in my MagiQest series, CompassQuest.

(If you’re visiting the CompassQuest in Mason, OH, please read this post as well.)

CompassQuest is a game that requires both a compass and a wand. The compass looks like this one below:

The compass is bought from the MagiQuest store, and just like your wand, you get to keep it. It does not come with the tassel. I added that. Just like your wand, it keeps up with your progress and is needed to use the pedestals.

It does open, but it doesn’t do anything.

You do not use the tree hubs with CompassQuest. Instead, you use a podium with a map, like this:

You place your compass in that little notch on the bottom right. You do not get a book like you did with MagiQuest, or even a pamphlet like you did with ShadowQuest.. Instead, you have to listen carefully to the instructions and then remember the items that you have to get. Oh, and did I mentioned that you’re timed?

What? Yes, timed.

Each quest is pretty much the same though, and easy, except for the first and the last.

In the first quest, you have to run around the entire game area and do all the markers. Below is a map marker. There’s one in each area. It’s the blue podium thing on the left. You put your compass in the middle, and it lights up and makes a noise in acknowledgement.

The rest of the quests leading up to the last one require a two step process:

  1. Find the requested podium
  2. Find certain items within the area that the podium is in (a MagiQuest wand is required for this)
  3. Do it all in 5 minutes and 20 seconds

So, for an example, you have to get the podium in Tangled Wood, as shown below.

The mapmaker will tell you to come back to him after you find the podium. Feel free to do that, but you don’t have to. Find the map marker, it’s the podium there on the right, and then use your wand to cast on every single item in the area except for the other podiums like the owl or the Lady of the Leaves or anything like that. So in the above example, you would cast on the map marker first and then on the dragon scales, the chests, the pictures, the crystals, and then go back to the mapmaker and use your compass.

At that time, he will either congratulate you on completing the quest, or tell you what you’re missing.

And then there’s the last quest. You have about 9 minutes for it, and it’s very hard! You have to get all the markers in a certain order, but you’re not told the order. Each podium will light up a certain way if it’s the right one, and another way if it’s the wrong one. If you don’t get them in time, you have to start over. It got so bad, I cheated. I ran back to my room and wrote them down so I could finally get it. I then gave this list to my very grateful husband and child.

Below is the list. It worked for all three of us, so I’m assuming it will work for you, at least at this location-Concord, NC.

  1. The marker at the ShadowQuest podium
  2. The marker near the screen with the fairy, bear, and lady
  3. Tangled Wood
  4. Forgotten Hall
  5. Enchanted Woods
  6. The marker next to the dragons’ portal
  7. Whispering Woods
  8. Piney Path

And congratulations, you’ve won! From now on, if you need to know where something is in MagiQuest, supposedly you can go to the mapmaker and it will show you where to go. I think I got it figured out near the end, but I can’t be sure. I will say that when I went to the MagiQuest shop and asked for help on this matter, I was told that no one had ever asked that question because no one had ever beaten CompassQuest before.


And no, I didn’t get a trophy for being the first, although everyone seems to think I should have. And I’ll admit, that would have been pretty cool.

Now, for the last bit, and yet the most important bit, of information. CompassQuest costs $14.99. This includes the compass, which you get to keep, and the MagiQuest game.

Wait! What?

Yes, that’s right. Buying a game of CompassQuest will also get you a game of MagiQuest. For free. BUT you have you have your own wand. In other words, we got three days of insane packed magical fun, for $30 each instead of $45 plus another $15-$20 for a new wand because we already had one. Wow!