I used to hate cold weather, and love hot weather. But now, I’m the exact opposite. And here’s why:

  1. I now have wood heat. Before, I mostly had central heat and air. I hate central heat and air! You’re never warm, and your skin is always so dry! With wood heat, you’re warm and moist. hmmm…perhaps that’s not the best way to describe that.
  2. You can dress more comfortably in cooler weather. I used to be cute and skinny. Now I’m just cute ;p. When you’re not so hot anymore, you don’t want to walk around in a tank top and shorty shorts. Now that it’s fall, I can wear more clothing, feeling more comfortable about my body.
  3. Pockets! I didn’t use a purse from the age of 16 to just a few months ago. Wow. That’s 12 years of no purse. That’s more years of no purse, than years with a purse. In fact, I can’t stand to actually say the word “purse” aloud. I have to say “bag” or “satchel”. Nope, just can’t do it. In summer, you don’t have pockets. But in winter, you have pockets all over the place! so technically, I don’t need my “bag” anymore. But to be honest, pockets lose things, so I should probably keep using it.  Grr!
  4. Sleeping. Sleeping in the summer can be challenging. Hot, sticky, don’ t-touch-me challenging. But fall allows you to not mind the fact that your 108° husband shares your bed. In fact, come winter, you’re kinda glad he does.
  5. Excuse to stay inside. I’m an inside person. Don’t get me wrong, we farm, etc, but I was always the computer generation kid, playing video games or anything else, as long as it was on a computer. Computers are inside. In fact, I love the inside so much, I have a vitamin D deficiency. Summertime, people look at you all weird and stuff because you don’t like to ride the wet rides or sit outside. Why would I want to sit outside? There’s bugs out there! Come fall, you can stay inside all you want, and no one says a word!
  6. Excuse to stay home. I love being snowed in without electricity. OK OK, so I’m weird. But everyone knew that already. I don’t know exactly why, but I can guess. I have very sensitive hearing. No, VERY. I can hear light bulbs sometimes. I can hear electricity most times. There are many days, like right now, that by the time afternoon hits, my ears are throbbing in pain from all the noise. No electricity for me=no headache!

So tell me, what are your reasons for loving or hating cooler weather?