The title sounds really creepy, but if you think about it, this post kinda is. Earlier this week, I thought, “I really need a sick day. Because, when I’m sick, I have an excuse to stay in bed all day and get nothing done. I really need one of those days.”

And then it happened. And now I’m in bed sick.

Yes, I could honestly get up today and do a bunch of stuff, because I feel much better. But guess what, I’m not going to. If I honestly thought that I needed a sick day, I’m taking it!

Am I the only one like this? Am I the only one that wants a day when laying around is what is expected of you?

I’ve been pushing myself a great deal (by now you all should know how much I push myself-WAY too much!) lately. My book launch is next week, and I’m trying to finish the rough for book 2. But that’s a long story.

So, I’m well enough to get up and do some things, but I’m staying in bed, the floor piled high with used tissues and a bunch of other trash. The dog is snuggled up to me. I’m catching up the latest seasons of my shows. And I’m reading if, and only if, I feel like it. No writing. No required social media garbage. No cleaning. No cooking. Nothing.

And I’m loving it!