It’s not fair to you, I know. I’m sorry. I switched to my own web address because it was better and easier. Or so I thought. Don’t get me wrong. It looked better and I could adjust all sorts of settings on it that I can’t here, but my server has been taken over by another country. They’re started spamming me with phone calls to get more money on false pretenses, and they are completely unhelpful whenever I need customer service.

So I’m quitting them. Can you blame me really? Again. I’m sorry. But at least I’m keeping the older blog I used to have. I never got rid of it. Something always told me not to. And I’m glad it did.

Let me know if you hate the new format. Like I said, this wordpress isn’t as good as the one I had. Doing the best I can here, but I want to make readers happy. And if my new format is unreadable or annoying to navigate, I need to know!

And, and for the record, all new posts have been transferred here, and the “debbysplace” blog will be up for about another month.

Until next time 🙂