This morning I awoke to the cows making a frantic chorus of “moo’s”. I got Arlis up, and he went out to see what was wrong. Here’s the story:

A couple of days ago, yes, 2 days, we moved the cows from the lower field to the upper field. We count them and make sure they’re OK, etc. That was Friday. Today is Monday. One of our girls had a new baby calf and didn’t tell us. And what’s worse, she left it in the lower field.

Now, one might think why, let me tell you. This was her first calf. And even though we are the only home she’s known, she’s still a little skittish with letting us know about her baby. She hid it. As most mothers do, even our veteran girls. We had been outside and such, but not once had we heard the bawl of a baby calf. When the baby could no longer remain hidden, she cried out for momma. The rest of the herd went a little nuts, as is common with ours. We opened up cattle alley and let everyone back into the lower field to be with baby. (Arlis tried to catch baby, but she outran him-A good sign!!)

Everyone’s together now and baby is nursing well.

Here we are in the lower field. Spice and her new baby girl are waaaaay back there.


See ’em yet? Look close.


There’s Spice.

Now, imagine how well she had hidden her calf, if this is how hard it is to see Spice now. Trust me, she’s there.


There she is!


Here’s a video of her nursing.

She’s acting nervous because she is. All of the others have already gone up to the upper field, and she’s alone now. With us. When we saw how distressing it was to have us there, we left. We can get to know baby later!