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April 2016

A Tiny Little Complaint About My Day

This is not about the scientific debacle, or the insurance fiasco, or anything of that nature, although I’m sure I could complain about those too. This is about a cluster of circumstances that mixed together form one ginormous item that my dainty little mouth dare not utter. I’m sure all of you have been in a situation such as this at some point in time or another, so this is mainly just to make you feel better. After all, misery loves company, so here we go.

Arlis was in the shower. I was just finishing up, and he had just stepped in. I take my shower with pure hot water, usually too hot for him. So, when he complained about his throat closing up, I assumed it was from the steam and told him to open the curtain. That didn’t help. He was acting like he was having anaphylactic shock. I told him to take an anti-histamine and go lie down. But then it got worse. Chest pains, jaw and neck pains, numbness, etc. We assumed a heart attack and gave him an aspirin.

The symptoms continued, and we took him to the hospital the next day where he spend three unpleasant days full of tests. They said he was perfectly fine, that he just had a reaction to something unknown, and sent him home (gee, thanks). Once home, the symptoms began to return. He started wearing a mask, taking anti-histamines, and went to the doctor a few days later. The doctor sent him to an allergist, who we haven’t seen yet, and scheduled tests. Why they couldn’t do the blood work then was beyond me, but there ya go. She also told him to take Allegra, which made a HUGE difference, allowing him to drop the mask and even mow the lawn yesterday (that—he wore a mask for).

In the meantime, the allergist said for him to stop taking the anti-histamines so he could do a good test on him. Uh … no. He skipped his dose last night in preparation for the testing next week as instructed. It nearly killed him. Literally. He had a severe reaction, forcing me to run him to town while calling doctors to see where to go. The doctor said to talk to the allergist about it (grrr). The allergist wouldn’t know my husband from his aunt Margaret. They haven’t met yet. There was no way he was going to help us at all. The regular doctor said that she couldn’t see him today, to try Monday. Nice try doc, but this isn’t the flu.

And then, to beat it all, the Urgent Care Clinic that we walked into had a sign up that specifically said they did not take his insurance.

So there ya go. No one will see him. No one knows what’s wrong. We said “screw everybody” and he took the Allegra anyway (the doctor’s office later called back and agreed with our decision). I had him stay in one room while I vacuumed the others (they hadn’t been cleaned in quite a while due to me taking care of him). His throat’s still swollen, but he’s able to go without a mask and eat again. I’m a little upset over the situation, but I still have no idea what we could possibly do differently.

Food Museum

It’s time for another episode from the Food Museum.

To see the previous episode, please go here. For the next one, click here.

This time, I bring you:

Fiesta Pringles! I mean, I like Pringles. I like tortilla chips and dip, but, why would Pringles make this? What could they possibly do to a tortilla chip to make them better? I don’t think they can. I personally think it would be worse, and definitely not worth the extra money, so I just walked on by.


This is probably a really good mixture of flavors. But… Banana water?  Ha Ha Ha Ha Haaaaa!


That might actually be good. Shame they ain’t Kosher.


Ewww… We made the mistake of purchasing a bunch of candy corn flavored cupcakes that were 27¢ a dozen and stuck them in the freezer. We had no idea they made this flavor at the time, and hope they never make it again. It was beyond disgusting!


Oh that is just wrong!




Well that’s it for this episode, folks! Check back next time for more weird food from the Food Museum 🙂


I would like to introduce to you, the cover for book 2, Anya and the Power Crystal.

Anya and the Power Crystal FINAL

This AMAZING cover was made by

Anya and the Power Crystal

And in case you missed it, I changed the first cover to match the second one.

ebook coverAwesome, right! I LOVE book 2’s cover!

Btw, I love the second book itself. If you liked the first one, the second one will blow you away! Trust me on this.

Book 2 is set to release this August, and I will post the first chapter on here before long, so that should help a little. Why August and not now? Well, I’m submitting book 2 to pre-release review sources. These sources require that the book be submitted several months before the book’s actual release date. So that’s why. Now, what does this mean? This means, that if I keep to the schedule of writing for book 3 as I did for book 2, you’ll have little to no time between their release dates. Now that’s cool, right? Well, here’s hoping!

Oh, one more thing. Vote for this cover in the cover wars!!!

Go here and vote for your favorite covers (don’t worry, if you don’t vote for me, I won’t turn you into a parsnip and eat you 😉 )



The Trip to Russel Stover’s

I recently had a discussion with some people about “odd” flavors mixed with chocolates. I didn’t find them the least bit odd, but then again, I live an hour away from the Russel Stover’s factory. In fact, my husband used to work there. So, I decided now would be a good time to show others a little bit about what it’s like.

Here’s what we picked up from the store next to their factory.

Its hours are pretty average, and the store is clean and well organized.

The first thing that always happens is that they hand out a sample. It’s been different every time we went, but it’s not like we went every day or anything, so I have no idea how often they change what it is. This time, it was a Pecan Crown, and it was good.

We bought several goodies we hadn’t tried before. Most were left over Valentine’s candy cut by 50% or more in the price.

One was, the mint dream. I don’t recommend. The taste was OK, but the texture was like a giant melted marshmallow and really, really gross.

Arlis got this one, and it smelled and tasted exactly like Strawberry Nesquick. Too sweet for me.

Below we have a “wedding cake” goodie and a raspberry filled dark chocolate goodie.

A-totally get the raspberry. Yum!

B-Run! from the wedding cake. I kid you not, it smells and tastes like vomit. Most of that goodie resides in the kitchen trash. Yuck!

The strawberry cream was pretty good, a lot like the raspberry, just a different flavor. The red velvet, however, was just like the wedding cake. Don’t even pick it up folks. I spit my bite out. I did NOT want to go through that again!

And finally, the blooper box. Arlis worked QC when he was there, which meant that any product not up to snuff got thrown into the blooper bin. You can get that stuff for real cheap. I know it say $12.99, but we paid $7.99. The cheaper boxed have passed their “best buy” date, the others have not.

As you can see, they’re all just thrown in there, and you never know what you’re gonna get (it’s sealed before purchase). But it’s 3 pounds for $7.99, and kinda fun. Like an adventure. Now, first of all, the white coloring is because it’s old. You know how chocolate does. Secondly, I don’t know if it was the age or the oops factor, but it didn’t taste like I thought it should. Don’t get me wrong, it tasted good, just … different. Unfortunately, ours wound up being mostly coconut and chews. Ew. But there were a few caramels and vanilla creams (I’ll be honest, I’m guess it was supposed to be vanilla cream. Like I said, the flavor was different. Good, but different.)

So there you have if folks! If you ever want to visit Russel Stover’s just head on to Algood, TN. The factory is right off 111 and real easy to get to, little traffic, and a nice place to visit. I used to live and work in Algood, and I liked it.

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