I would like to introduce to you, the cover for book 2, Anya and the Power Crystal.

Anya and the Power Crystal FINAL

This AMAZING cover was made by http://www.insidemikeysworld.com/

Anya and the Power Crystal

And in case you missed it, I changed the first cover to match the second one.

ebook coverAwesome, right! I LOVE book 2’s cover!

Btw, I love the second book itself. If you liked the first one, the second one will blow you away! Trust me on this.

Book 2 is set to release this August, and I will post the first chapter on here before long, so that should help a little. Why August and not now? Well, I’m submitting book 2 to pre-release review sources. These sources require that the book be submitted several months before the book’s actual release date. So that’s why. Now, what does this mean? This means, that if I keep to the schedule of writing for book 3 as I did for book 2, you’ll have little to no time between their release dates. Now that’s cool, right? Well, here’s hoping!

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