Hello All, and welcome to another episode of the Food Museum.

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This episode, we bring you:

I love both dried cranberries and dark chocolate. These sound wonderful!

0313161300These aren’t actually labeled. I know zucchini fries are the new fad right now, I can only hope that’s what these are. Oh please let that be what these are!


I’m sure this is supposed to be Chicken in molé sauce, but there’s no tilde. So, the result sounds a bit less…appetizing. Ew.


I’ve never heard of uncured bacon. And why is love written backwards? And lastly, though certainly not leastly at this point, potatoes!? This whole thing just screams, “Run!”


Now this is just stupid. No one wants a piece of chocolate that you’ve had your fingers all over. Just make two pieces and be done with it. 0313161302

We bought these. Don’t See below.


As expected, these are deep fried chocolate things. Supposedly brownie bites, they’re really just cake. This is what they look like cooked.


And this is what the inside looks like. Yup, that’s raw. I guess it could’ve been supposed to be like lava cake, but it’s not. It’s raw cake batter. While I may enjoy raw cake batter most don’t, and even this was too much for me.


That’s it for today! Join us next time for another exciting adventure down the aisles of The Food Museum.