DISCLAIMER: I am not responsible for your actions or your body. What you choose to do to yourself is between you and your doctor. I do not recommend you do anything I am listing below.


I tried off and on for a good two years I’d say. Had to be two years. Anywho, I tried off and on for about two years to lose weight. Nope, nada. Finally, like so many others, I gave up. But earlier this year, my doctor got my thyroid levels normal. I also have to tak vitamin D and iron pills. Vitamin D deficiency can cause weight gain. Thyroid trouble can cause weight gain. I had both.

I got up to around 180. I think the last time I weighed myself, it was 178. Couldn’t really stomach doing it again after that. But then Doc said my levels were good. My thyroid was back to normal. So, I gave it one more go, and this time, I wasn’t holding any punches. Here are the steps I used. I recommend one week per step (again, disclaimer, I don”t recommend this to anyone.)

  1. No sweets. This includes alcohol. If you drink, you might want to add an extra step before eliminating sweets altogether and just eliminate alcohol. This also includes soft drinks. If you drink a lot of juice, cokes, kool-aid, etc, you may need to add an extra step for that as well.
  2. Once you’re good with all the previous, start walking. Twenty minutes a day, three days a week. Some people, like myself, do better dieting if they’re exercising. I started walking from day one. You might want to do the same. It’s just walking.
  3. Walk five days a week. You can also start cutting back on your food at this time. If you’re not hungry, you’re not burning more than you’re consuming. If you want to lose weight, you have to eat less than you need. Period. Your stomach will shrink. These people that get bypass surgery are doing nothing more than skipping a few days of discomfort. That’s all it takes. My stomach shrank in three days. Yours may take more; it may take less. Once it shrinks. DON’T OVERFILL!!! The last thing you want to do when dieting is get stuffed. Then your stomach will stretch out again, and it’ll be harder to diet.
  4. Up it to thirty minutes.
  5. Add running in three days a week. I recommend my running schedule. To be fair, I skipped most of this. I was able to run a full mile the first time and just kept that. Keep walking T/R
  6. This was the next step for me. After one week of running one mile M/W/F, I upped it to 1.5. I also cut my food back to a small breakfast (two waffles with syrup OR one bowl of cereal OR eggs and turkey bacon or something), no lunch (this was made easier because I started back to school), and a moderate supper.
  7. Up to two miles. I also had to add in one half of a peanut butter sandwich or something similar either earlier or later in order to take pills. Keep walking T/R
  8. At this point, I kept the two miles and added core on T/R. The first week of core was hard. I was only able to do it once and just walked the next time. By the next week, I was able to do it both times

Step 8 is where I am now. I run two miles a day M/W/F and do core T/R. My core exercises are getting better every week, but I’m still not able to do the whole video.


When it rains, (or I’m sunburned) I do a 30 minute step program. It has intervals of high activity to help that heart rate.


I know that little link says it’s core strength, but it isn’t. It’s a whole series. You want to click on the one that’s beginner step. Even though it’s beginner and only 30 minutes, it has a higher heart rate than the advanced. If you want longer, I suggest Cathe.

So that’s where I am now. I drink water, chew non-artificially sweetened bubble gum, and stay hungry. But it’s worth it. I’ve already lost eight pounds. Thirty more to go!