I’m a huge fan of the Dick Van Dyke show. I leave it running in the background and will even watch some episodes like they’re new. It’s such a well written, directed, and acted show that it continues to shine today.

Then one day, I watched season 1, episode 4. Sally, the great Rose Marie, is set up with Laura’s cousin. Sally never gets a man. Why? She’s too smart, too strong, and speaks her mind. Not in a feminazi way, in a, I’m not pathetically dependent of others. Like, you know, she can change a tire and make a good joke. Apparently this makes her trash to men?

So anyways, she pretends to be a complete imbecile, acting like she knows nothing about cars when, in fact, she can fix one better than the sad sack that is Laura’s cousin. The show eventually pairs her up with a spineless twit because apparently a strong woman requires a child for a husband.

I’m not one to erase history. I don’t think Gone With the Wind, Song of the South, or Looney Tunes need to be adjusted or removed. I think they need to remain a part of our history, studied even, and watched by most. Therefore, I don’t have a problem with this show either. You want people to know what the past was really like? To know what REAL sexism and racism is like? You keep shows like this going. You have present and future generations watch TV and movies that show society’s views. They can argue with a political piece like 1984 or Animal Farm or even The Jungle, but they can’t argue with film. Something about the pictures makes it real, not a person’s opinion of the truth.

Watching that show made me think. It made me see women of the past in a different light. I showed it to my husband. “Would you want a woman who is that stupid? Who can’t change a tire or do any of the things she pretends she can’t?” I asked.

“No!” he answered.

See, some men need a “lesser” woman because they lack confidence, just like a lot of women break down a man to be submissive because they need to feel superior for whatever reason. (There can be many.) Not my husband, and not a lot of present day men. Thank goodness for that!!!