Some people get offended by being called a pet. I never really understood why. A pet is adored, loved, possibly spoiled, possibly a working pet. They bring us presents, whether we like them or not, and love unconditionally. We are God’s pets, only better. Let me show you:

1.  Pets do not understand us, not completely. They can’t. Their level of comprehension is so much lower than ours that we cannot possibly get through to them at times. Oh we try, but we don’t always succeed.

As God’s pets, we cannot possibly understand what He’s saying, not all the time. He is trying and trying to get us to listen, to get us to understand, and there are those of us who understand more than others, but we will never understand fully, not as humans anyway.

2. Pets aren’t always allowed in the house, at least not until they learn a few rules.

We aren’t allowed in God’s house unless we follow a few rules. For example, he wants us to be clean. When your dog has rolled around in cow manure, you don’t want him in the house! So you give it a bath. God has given us instructions on how to make ourselves clean enough for His house, but He still wants us to have a bath before coming in. That’s His Son’s job.

3. Pets love us in ways we don’t like. My cats, for instance, bring me dead furry presents all the time. I thank them profusely and promptly throw the animal away without them seeing what I’m doing. That way they know I appreciate it and will continue to eat mice and moles. My dogs lick my face, including my mouth if I would let them. I would much rather my animals show me their love by coming up and rubbing on me or something, which they sometimes do, but more often than not it’s them asking for something in return.

God gave us instructions on how to love Him. In fact, He specifically told us not to love Him in certain ways, aka how the pagans worship their gods. He doesn’t like that. And more often than not, we’re asking for something instead of loving.

Now the cat doesn’t know or understand why I don’t want her mice, and we don’t know or understand why God told us not to eat certain animals or wear certain clothes. It doesn’t matter. Just like the cat, we are not on God’s level. We never will be. We may enter Heaven and be on a whole new level than we are now, but we will still never be on God’s level.

God loves us. He takes some of us into His house early (Elijah). He favors some of us over others (Solomon). Some of us work for Him, sheepdogs herding His flock, doing His orders. Some of us sleep without toil on the railing of the porch until we get loved or fed by Him again. He tells us all how to behave and make ourselves ready to come inside His house. Just like our pets, we all have different places and rolls in God’s yard. We are God’s pets.