I remember the first time I saw rolled iced cream (yes, it was originally iced, not ice). It was in Taiwan or someplace like that and on YouTube. I never imagined it being near me. I suppose if I ever thought about traveling far and wide, like NY or something, I could have imagined it being there. But here? in the middle of  nowhere? a place where it takes a minimum of one hour to find a town? No. I never imagined.

But then some friends starting talking about it at local places like fairs and such, like a temporary little booth they were selling it out of. I was crestfallen that I had missed it. Then I heard about an outlet in the local mall, yes an actual mall, in Crossville-a half hour’s drive from here. Which, btw, it a normal excursion for us. (Now you know why time is so precious to me.)

We happened to be in Crossville, trying to have a family day, pulled over on the side of the road because the place we had intended to visit was closed. As in, weeds three feet high closed down for unknown centuries closed. The memory of the rolled ice cream vendor in the mall came to me. Let’s go!

My family didn’t want to really. They thought it was silly and moaned and groaned. Then they got there. Then it happened.

Klix is not a tent vendor or even a temporary booth set up in the middle of the mall. They’re a real store set up as part of the mall, like permanent. So you can drop by anytime without worry!

You get to choose a base flavor, two additives, and three toppings. The price, $6, was way too high for me, but it was a one time fun thing. I later decided it wasn’t too bad. It was very good, and you’re also paying for a display of sorts. Still, it is expensive and therefore not something to be done often.

Marcus chose strawberry with pineapple, caramel drizzle, topped with whipped cream, a cherry, and butterscotch chips. Arlis chose Oreo with caramel drizzle in vanilla ice cream topped with whipped cream, cherry, and a dark chocolate pirouline, since we didn’t know what that was. Btw, a pirouline is that cylindrical cookie of very flaky pastry/cookie/cracker with a filling of a type of light, fudgy icing inside.

Image result for pirouline

This thing.

They basically pour milk onto this frozen pan, chop up the additives, and toss on the toppings. The texture has more surface area and is therefore harder to press a spoon into than normal ice cream. It’s not as fluffy and creamy either. But it is good, and if you’ve never had it, I suggest you try it. The flavor combinations are endless enough to keep you coming a long time. Enjoy!