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Food Museum – The Ice Cream Edition

It’s time for more weird food! Who’s ready?

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Let’s get shopping:

Woo-wee! I bet that’s tart!


Oh, no no no no no.


Whew! At least it’s not pumpkin flavored! This looks pretty good actually.


More Air Heads? Not sure how well those flavors would go with chocolate.


DON’T buy these! I did. It was like $3 for this. Who says no to that?

The caramel oat one had oats covered in chocolate, making it look like a goat pooped in my ice cream. None of them had any flavor. It wasn’t worth the money at all.


And what could possibly be worse? This! My husband loves cookies and cream, and he loves those ice cream bars with the chocolate or strawberry crumb coatings. So I bought him this. He ate it in the car on the way to the next errand. What a commotion he made! He wanted me to try it, but insisted I wait until I was finished driving. It was supposedly that bad.

He was right. It was. I spit it out in the next parking lot and just about threw up. Don’t do it folks!


See ya next time!

Food Museum – The Beer Can Roaster

It’s time for more weird food!

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I have no words for this.


Everybody knows I love sushi, and if this weren’t shellfish, I would have taken it home. That’s cheap for five rolls! But, something in the back of my mind says, “Uh, you do know what store this is, right?”




“Local” Indiana farms. Uh… We live in Tennessee. That ain’t local.


Excuse me, I have to go call Mr Foxworthy.


Cranberry fitness? And what’s with all the empty space?


Ratchet and Clank … The Movie!!!

We first heard about them making this movie  I think in 2014. We were so excited! We couldn’t wait for it to come out. For those unaware, Ratchet and Clank first came out on the PS2, where I loved playing it every minute. It has since grown along side its console, even being updated from time to time. Meet the characters—



A cute little booger known as a Lombax. You play the games to try and discover what he is and where he came from. He believes he is the only one left in existence. Although you start out with nothing but a wrench to fight with (still my favorite weapon), you soon get your buddy—



Even cuter than Ratchet, no seriously-he’s adorable, Clank attaches to your back like this—


This allows you to hover, fly, and do other amazing things thanks to upgrades and abilities you purchase/build for him. Although he is usually attached to you, later games allow him his own freedom—


Told you he was adorable. Anywho, the games’ cutscenes were so loved, that the makers decided to put them together to form a movie. Yeah, that was my first reaction too, but it wasn’t like that. Although there were scenes from the game, there weren’t a lot. Most of it was entirely new material, and the original scenes were redone, only the script remained the same.

One of my favorite character is—

Doctor Nefarious!! (insert ominous echo)

doctor nefarious

You can’t help but love this guy. Look at him! He’s hilarious! Take the quirky funny aspects of the Alan Rickman villains (sheriff of Nottingham, Snape) and multiply them times 5, no 12! And now you have Doctor Nefarious! (btw, he’s played by Armin Shimerman-you know, Quark!)


The movie shows his beginning. The movie show everyone’s beginnings. I had never seen him as a living person, just the robot. It was interesting to see his birth, and absolutely hysterical. “I’m not a robot! Stop fixing me!”

I will tell you that there were a few changes from the game to the movie, the method of the making of Nefarious for one. But imo, it didn’t stray too much to make it enjoyable. I’ll be honest, I haven’t sat and played a game in years. I just don’t have the time anymore, so I’m not as into the story as I used to be. But my husband and child were, and they said that the changes didn’t matter to them, so we’ll go with that.

So go see the movie! No seriously, go. It’s amazing. You’ll love it.


Food Museum-Chicken Mole Bowl

Hello All, and welcome to another episode of the Food Museum.

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This episode, we bring you:

I love both dried cranberries and dark chocolate. These sound wonderful!

0313161300These aren’t actually labeled. I know zucchini fries are the new fad right now, I can only hope that’s what these are. Oh please let that be what these are!


I’m sure this is supposed to be Chicken in molé sauce, but there’s no tilde. So, the result sounds a bit less…appetizing. Ew.


I’ve never heard of uncured bacon. And why is love written backwards? And lastly, though certainly not leastly at this point, potatoes!? This whole thing just screams, “Run!”


Now this is just stupid. No one wants a piece of chocolate that you’ve had your fingers all over. Just make two pieces and be done with it. 0313161302

We bought these. Don’t See below.


As expected, these are deep fried chocolate things. Supposedly brownie bites, they’re really just cake. This is what they look like cooked.


And this is what the inside looks like. Yup, that’s raw. I guess it could’ve been supposed to be like lava cake, but it’s not. It’s raw cake batter. While I may enjoy raw cake batter most don’t, and even this was too much for me.


That’s it for today! Join us next time for another exciting adventure down the aisles of The Food Museum.

Food Museum

It’s time for another episode from the Food Museum.

To see the previous episode, please go here. For the next one, click here.

This time, I bring you:

Fiesta Pringles! I mean, I like Pringles. I like tortilla chips and dip, but, why would Pringles make this? What could they possibly do to a tortilla chip to make them better? I don’t think they can. I personally think it would be worse, and definitely not worth the extra money, so I just walked on by.


This is probably a really good mixture of flavors. But… Banana water?  Ha Ha Ha Ha Haaaaa!


That might actually be good. Shame they ain’t Kosher.


Ewww… We made the mistake of purchasing a bunch of candy corn flavored cupcakes that were 27¢ a dozen and stuck them in the freezer. We had no idea they made this flavor at the time, and hope they never make it again. It was beyond disgusting!


Oh that is just wrong!




Well that’s it for this episode, folks! Check back next time for more weird food from the Food Museum 🙂

Food Museum-Ugly Sweaters and Mystery Meat

I haven’t posted my odd food collection in quite some time. But to be fair, it wasn’t entirely my fault. I had visited the store in question from time to time, but nothing was there that was worth posting.

Until today 🙂

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I present

White pizza sauce-ew


This probably isn’t that amazing, but I like to showcase new and interesting flavors.


Arlis, who likes M&M’s and pretzels, had the same response I did-gross.




Not seasoned ham, seasoned ham pieces. We’re not going to tell you what pieces though.


Maybe this is more common than we realized, but we’ve never heard of this.


I know this exists. I’ve just never seen it in person. It basically looked like someone had cut out their knees.


Turkeys have tails!?!?!?


OOooo! Birthday cake pudding.

With sprinkles!


I can’t handle scents like this. They just make me eat more. But it did smell pretty awesome.


When did Halloween become a fragrance decoration?


Veggie dogs? In a CAN!?!?


My aunt said this sounded good to her. … … Go for it! But don’t breath anywhere near me for 3 days.


Raw, skinless, Oprah? Oh, Opah. What the heck is Opah?


Ooooh, that’s Opah. Holy crap! That’s a big fish!


Who can say no to coconut pineapple habanero kettle cooked potato chips?


Mystery meat-


An angry bird laid an egg!!


Inside a Double Yolked Egg

This post is short and sweet, but neat.

We have a hen that likes to lay double yolkers.

Guess how we know.

double yolked egg


And here one is boiled.

boiled double yolk egg


The granddaddy long legs convention

So I go outside today, and find this on my back porch:

granddaddy long legs

So naturally, I had to get a video. (And don’t ask me what they’re eating, cause I don’t know.)


Food Museum-Bizarre Valentine

Today’s episode is pretty good.

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I had no idea you could buy this.  Especially grade A fancy.

It seems instant coffee is really stretching its flavorings of late.

cobbler coffee

So, cut holes in a cookie and it’s different?  Looks pretty good though.

donut cookies

As I asked in an earlier post.  What will cereal companies do next?

stars cereal

treasure cereal

OK, so, lunchable valentines….Dirt Cake….seriously?  What says I love you more?

dirt cake food museum post

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